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Although Lakers are barely fighting for a playoff spot right now, I think Lakers has a bright future. Here are the players I think will be pretty good in 2 years or so…

  • Lamar Odom - He shouldn’t really be on this list since he’s already pretty good. I think he can be a consistent 20/15 guy and really step up as a legit second threat on the team. He is too fast for most PFs and too big for most SFs. He’s got great hands as well.
  • Kwame Brown - He’s teasing us with his athletic talent again. There’s really no one that can match up against him once he learns how to use his body. He’s WAY too fast for any of the centers in the league. He reminds me of an young shaq, minus all the post moves. I think he can be a solid 15/10 guy.
  • Smush Parker - He’s another guy with good athletism. He is FAST. Give him a year or 2 to develop into another Tony Parker. He should be able to contribute 15 points on a nightly bases as well.
  • Ronnie Turiaf - Another great athlete! I’d love to see him and Kwame start together eventually. He just needs more experience. He’s like a Mark Madsen with more physical gifts. ;)
  • Andrew Bynum - All this talk about future Laker stars and I haven’t even talked about Bynum! :) This kid is another player has a great body that needs more experience. He also has the fire that is evident in all of the superstars. He can end up as crappy as “The Candy Man” or as great as Jabbar. Only time will tell… ;)

You see what I mean now? Lakers have a lot of good young talent and money too (once Brian Grant clear the book). Watch out NBA! Lakers will be back!!!

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