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Lightning McQueen...LIVE!
Sally Carrera...LIVE!
Most of the managers at have an office with a window facing the studio. So this morning they saw the cars from the upcoming Cars movie unload into the parking lot. During lunch, we walked by it and took some pictures. Pretty cool, huh? Both Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera are real cars. Lightning sounds like a real race car! And Sally is based off a REAL Porsche. I can’t wait for the movie to come out. It’s gonna be AWSOME!

3 Responses to “Sally Carrera and Lightning McQueen…LIVE! IN PERSON!”

    Will these ‘real’ CARS be visible to the public at some point? Are they for the premiere or promo tour? When? Where? Pleeeeease . . . my 4 yr old son is INSANE for this movie and characters and nothing is available in the stores yet. I spend my evenings making drawings and clay sculptures for him. He’s insatiable!

    Please help a dad!

    Thanks so much!

    Now we saw Lighting McQueen and Mater at Disney MGM Studios in May. Mater was just cruising around the park when we got there and then both were in the Cars & Stars Parade.

    Just wanted to tell you that I am also…Sally Carrera (a real person) :) :)

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