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WOW! WHAT A GAME!!! Today’s Lakers game is definitely one of the most emotional games of the season. There were a few times I thought the Lakers were going to fold up and crumble. But they didn’t, they fought through it all. There was no quit in them at all today. They were determined to WIN!

It was a total team effort. Kobe wasn’t even the leading scorer in the game (Lamar was). If Devean didn’t hit some of the crucial threes, Lakers would’ve lost. If Lamar didn’t force a couple 3 point plays, Lakers would’ve lost. If Smush didn’t hit the big 3 at the end of regulation AND steal the ball from Nash, Lakers would’ve lost. I am not saying Kobe wasn’t influencial in the game. He still was. He hit the shot to send them into overtime and the shot that won the game.

Lakers have changed so much since the beginning of the season. I am so happy for them.

  • Lamar is definitely emerging as a second scoring threat on the Lakers. Lamar can be just as deadly as Kobe on the offensive side. He is a tremendous finisher around the hoop, so he gets a lot of “and 1″ plays. He’s also a great rebounder and defender. Good passer as well. He is worthy of playing along side Kobe.
  • Smush’s confidence is growing everyday. He has grown so much. He went from playing in the NBDL to starting for the Lakers. He’ll be one of the better point guards in the league soon.
  • Sasha has grown a lot too. He is really gaining confidence on what he can do on the court. He is finally believing is his shot now.
  • Kwame is another success story. His rebounding has helped tremendously. His activity around the hoop is commendable.
  • What happened to Luke? He became a scorer overnight. Now that Luke is willing (and capable) of scoring, he’s game is much much more well-rounded.
  • Cookie benefited a lot from the generous playing time he got earlier in the season. He is a much more confident scorer now.

I seem to mention confidence a lot. Confidence is very important in basketball (in real life as well). Everybody in the NBA is physically gifted. It is the mental aspect that separates the best from the better.

I am very excited to see what the Lakers can do in the rest of the playoffs. Am I crazy to think they can go all the way? ;) Regardless how far we go, I am happy with the Laker’s progress. I think next season, we’ll see more players go through the transformation. The likely candidates are this year’s rookie: Bynum and Turiaf. I think those two can be solid contributers to the team next year.

O ya, on a side note, I rode my bike on the trainer while I watched the game today. What a great way to get some biking in! I biked for 2+ hours, netting 25 miles and used up 1200 calories.

Ok, enough blabbing. Adios and GOOOOOOOOOO LAKERS!.

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