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Ok, I’ve been getting “Ely’s iPod cannot be updated. The disk could not be read from or written to.” error messages when I try to sync up my photos on my iPod. I tried searching around the web for solutions, but I couldn’t find any. After some poking around, I fixed it! And seeing other people out there are having the same problem, I am going to share the solution. Hopfully this post bubbles up in Google so people can find it.

Anyway, the solution is…just delete all of the photos on your iPod. And re-sync it. I am guessing the some data file got corrupted so it was not able to add new photos. If you don’t know how to delete the photos on your iPod, just un-check the “Synchronize photos from…” option and it will ask you if you want to delete all the photos on your iPod.

Hope this helps.

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    thanks to the tip!
    it helped me solve my problem :)

    i have this exact problem but just for syncronizing songs to my ipod, i have an ipod mini & the same diolog box appears, “James’ iPod cannot be updated. The disk could not be read from or written to”, i have restored & updated my ipod software and still continues to do this, please help

    thank U

    I keep getting disk cannot be read from or written to. I had no photos on my ipod originally, so your tip doesn’t help, i just can’t get any on.

    Ok, thanks for the tip… but one problum… I don’t have any pictures on it and it keeps happening to me !!!!!!!

    Well, i got same trouble but i cant put anything on my ipod! not songs not videos not photos!:@i delete the playlist on my ipod and in Itunes too! so i cnt put songs! its comes this shjit “The disk could not be read from or written to”


    Unsynchronizing photos didn’t do it.
    I also unchecked Contacts and Calendars.

    … and then it took.

    And yes, I found this via google.


    I only have music on my ipod nano, and I am trying to put on a few pictures but it doesn’t seem to work. I have followed the instructions and directions from anyone, but nothing changes. Can someone please help me out here and tell me how I can get pictures on to my ipod. Thanks.

    Nope, no photos on mine, fresh out of the box and it will only accept a completely random selection of 30 out of 87 songs in the library before the ‘written to’ shit appears. I am going to kill it with my sledgehammer unless someone helps

    Hey guys/gals, yeah i had the same problem with putting photos on aswel but i found a way to fix it. Go to your ipod option menu and de-select “synchronise photos from” then click ok. Then simply go back into option and ’select’ what you just de-selected, choose your folder from the drop down menu choose your folder from there :) I hope that helps.

    I just have the normal 4rth gen Ipod and I found that it gives me the error “can not read or write ect” when I try to update the ipod with up to date itunes, I used the version that came with the ipod on a different computer and it worked, maybe bug with crapy itunes? dun know

    Ladies an gentlemen i found the solution that i think will help alot for people who get “The disk could not be read from or written to.” issue…its an xp issue i think. when you plug in your nano DO NOT start up itunes, try to prevent itunes from starting(uninstalling it could do it.) you might find in my computer that it recognizes your ipod.(mine was under drive E:) right click on the drive go to properties >hardware>double click ipod usb device>go to policies>click optimize for preformance. an voila! the issue is solved. now rest your soul :D .

    That did the trick, Rumpel! Thank you so much.


    I did an update to iTunes 7 which in turn caused me to reset my iPod to factory defaults when I saw this problem. After much trial and error, I actually discovered that the podcast that it was trying to update would fail, causing everything else following it to fail. After deleting the one rogue podcast, everything else was good.

    I suspect this error isn’t necessarily tied to Photos or podcasts, but any file that gets into iTunes or iPhoto which might be corrupt and not work with the iPod

    I lucked out that it was only one file on my computer’s hard drive causing the issue.

    slightly different problem… nothing seems to work… seeing a folder with an exclamation point in front. Itunes 7 says it can’t restore factory settings with an unexpected error of 1418… windows can’t format the drive… I’m thinking bad hard drive… Can’t access any functions on the ipod mini. Thoughts?

    I have a shuffle with the same problem. However I can get it to work on another computer just fine. Its so irritating because I want to use it on my machine where my music is. I have tried all of the tips and no love :( Loaded iTunes 7 hoping that would do it an again, no love.

    My ipod begins to sync once I plug it in however, then it stops and I get an error message stating that hardware on my computer is bad. Along with the message my ipod mini freezes. Can anyone help?I cannot transfer songs, update, or do anything that involves transfering music from my computer to ipod.

    Same problem than LucasMonger on my ClickWheel 20G. Can’t restore it with I Tunes and can’t format it with Windows (error 1418 with Itunes)… And to repair it, Apple asks the price of a new one… I can’t believe I have to throw my IPod away… to the garbage. Someone… Please… Help me!

    As the person i bought my ipod said, the usb wire is unable tu suply enought energy to restore sistem.
    sounds wired but it´s what he said.
    hope ir could help.

    Same. I have a click 30G and updater says error 1418. This is really frustrating. I’ve uninstalled everything and reinstalled. I’ve tried it on another computer that I had previouly used with it too. Nothing. Please help!

    Same here under Mac OS X

    slightly different problem… nothing seems to work… seeing a folder with an exclamation point in front.

    I have the same problem with a shuffle it must be an error with the software has anyone got a solution??

    this thing is a piece of shit because i also can’t upload anything on my comp but it lets me over my friends house. It makes me wanna stomp it until it doesn’t even look like an ipod anymore. help me before i fucking demolish this thing.

    i have any ipod shuffle and i can’t restore it.
    everytime i try to restore it, it says “An uknown error has occurred (1418)
    can you help me on fixing my problem?

    nice tip. although i believe there is a more surefire way to fix that… esp, if the problem persists.

    I just bought the 2nd generation nano a few hours ago and im getting that error too. Does this mean i have to take it back?

    Got an 8GB Nano also with the same message - 1418. Can’t do anything with it. iTunes crashes one laptop, works ok on this computer but the ipod won’t update or restore or play any music!


    Having read the comment about the USB cable not supplying enough power I just tried another USB port and it worked. I was using a front one and just changed to one on the back - comes straight off m/b whereas the front one has a cable going to m/b.

    Worth a try.

    What a load of Crap iPods and iTunes are…. I’m sticking to my Creative Zen from now on. (The iPod was my sisters)

    Mac OS X

    slightly different problem… same as previous post…nothing seems to work… seeing a folder with an exclamation point in front. use it primarily as a hard drive and my G4 is unable to read it.

    Same problem here. Shuffle 512MiB WinXP.
    Solution: run Original CD provided with iPod,
    it will ask you the serial n. and reboot.
    Problem solved, iTunes (smile or not ;) ) still
    kicking. 1/1, done.
    ‘ hope this helps.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I had the same problem w/ getting the message that cannot be read or written to. So I tryed a few things but ultimatley through troubleshooting came to find out that it’s the usb port that i plugged it into. I was on an extension from one of my ports. I unplugged that and plugged directly into the computer and it worked like a champ. Try it and maybe that will be your fix. Thanks

    i was getting error -1418.
    itunes couldn’t restore, update, or mount.
    i plugged directly from firewire into the ipod. used disk utility to erase the ipod.
    itunes saw the drive, asked me to re-name it, and began updating! phew…that was a close one!
    btw, i had recently updated to itunes 7, imported some jpgs for audiobook art. if i could, i would go back to itunes 6. it was stable, and although the eye candy is fun, i’m much more concerned in having stable software!

    i had this same problem in OS X.

    i tried erasing in disk utility, but this didn’t work.

    now i’m zeroing data (look under the security tab in disk utility), but this is going to take an hour and a half, and i need to go to bed. it’s more comprehensive than just erasing, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    hopefully this works…..just thought i’d post it now in case anyone else wants to try it. i’ll post my results when i wake up.

    k, i’m back.

    a zeroing of the data through disk utility worked for me in OS X :)

    see above post to see how to do it….

    with regards to windows, maybe if you try a low-level format, and not a quick format.

    hope this works for some people.

    ok,i lost my 1st gen nano a couple months ago. i just bought the new ones (2nd gen, blue, 4gb) and as soon as i plugged it in, it worked perfectly. but after about 4 days ( the day after i updated it to new firmware)(1.02)it took a LOOOONG time for itunes to recognize the ipod. then a message popped up saying “itunes a has detected a courrupt ipod. try restoring, or reconnect and connect the device.”i tried reconnecting and connecting, that didnt work. then i tried restoring, then it came up with the source couldnt be found. btw…update is grayed out. so far widnows popped up with 2 error numbers (1415) (1418). so i took it to bestbuy(i bought it here) and then they took about an hour to get it working on their computer. then i went home and itunes said the ipod was corrupt. should i get the 1st gen nano? or should i just keep searching for ways to fix it?

    thnx in advance

    I cannot syncronize all my outlook contacts with my IPOD, it is syncronizing just part of them, (More less 20%) I marked sincronize all the contacts.
    why this is happening?

    I just got this ipod and today started having problems where my nano won’t restore. It won’t even let me in the menu to fix it, i have this memu that check systems and then it switched to another screen that said pulg into itoons. Do you know what the problem is or now to fix it? please help. Thank you!

    Like many others on this site, iTunes and my new iPod nano had issues, so I attempted a ‘Restore’ after iTunes messed up my iPod nano. I received the dreaded 1418 error message. After at least an hour, I began unplugging and plugging my nano USB cord into the different USB ports on my PC. Finally, the third USB port did whatever magic was required in order to allow me to Restore the software on my nano.

    I write software for a living, and I’ve gotta say, iTunes (at least on the PC) should be renamed iTurd. The iPod Nano is very sleek (beautiful case design and interface), but iTunes is a piece of crap. In fact, iTunes could be the worst piece of software Apple has put out since System 7 guaranteed Microsoft would rule the operating system world. I hope Steve Jobs does a Google search and finds this and does something to remedy these ridiculous errors people have to deal with.

    So, long story short, if you have a 1418 iPod Nano error, try a different USB port. If that doesn’t work, you might have to try another computer.

    Ok, ok, ok… I had the same problem as everybody else here… and i think i found the solution for it… so i’ll post it and maybe it will work for you guys…

    Issue: Last night i opened itunes to add some songs and videos to my ipod, and a message popped saying that there was a newer itunes version… so i downloaded it… when i plugged my ipod on my computer it crashed… i couldnt do anything with it… when i tried to turn it on a folder with an ! point appeared on the screen with the Apple’s Suport webside below it… i tried everything… i formated my ipod, i reinstalled the software a billion times, nothing worked… the itunes said my ipod was corrupted and that i needed to restore it… when i tried the FAMOUS message popped up “The Ipod could not me restored. An unknown error ocurred (1418)…
    I was starting to panic, cause I’m Brazilian and I bought my Ipod in the USA while i was there as an Exchange Student, so i couldn’t change it in case i needed to…

    Anyways… i began to google for a solution and i think it is working ok (until now)…
    The USB port i connected my ipods cable in is one of those in front of the computer, you know? its easier to connect it there than in the one behind it… the only thing i did was connecting it to the one behind the computer… it worked… im transferring my song to the ipod again, and so far any problem has occured… the ipod’s screen is also normal again… no more folder, no more exclamation point… i hope it wont crash again… and i hope that will work for you guys… =)

    PS.: My computer is windows… and i have no idea of how Mac or Linux work… so i dont know if that will work for those too… but try it =)

    I managed to restore my Ipod mini by using a rear USB port but now the thing keeps beeping at me and flashes either a folder with an exclamation point or continuously says ok to disconnect when nothing is plugged into it

    Jeremy N who’s message is on the 27th Sept- you are a genius. I had the dreaded ‘error 1418′ on my ipod photo, took it to the genius bar. They just formatted it to a Mac computer and said it would now work on my windows if I restored it again- didn’t work!

    So, to cut a long story short, I just switched USB ports and it is doing it’s thing as it should!

    Apple have really annoyed us all, and have alot to answer for…

    Mac OS X, iPod 4mb Nano, error -1418.

    I finally fixed mine after multiple attempts using the iTunes 6.05 (06-28-06) updater on another machine. I then updated it back to iTunes v7.01 and all is well.

    Basically, it’s something in the Nano that got corrupted. I got the error after plugging in my Nano to sync it. Apple needs to rewrite it’s software to more easily restore it’s iPods without jumping through hoops!

    ok guys heres my deal i have an ipod nano and my mother has a shuffle but we have windows xp so we have different accounts and also different itune libraries ect. so when my ipod is plugged in and i open up itunes it doesnt show up in the source window and it also doesnt show up in “update ipod” and i tried reseting it and that hasn’t helped plz help me!plz:(

    ~sad teen :( ~
    “““`plz email me if u hve the answe““““`

    Here’s the problem….(I’m running OS 10.4.8 and iTunes 7.0.1) I get the same “ipod cannot be updated” but I only started to generate the message after adding album art to freshly imported CD. Before I added the album art (Thom Yorke’s Eraser from Amazon) all was well. then that fucking message. Went back and deleted the album art and all was well again. I got the idea after only getting the message after playing certian songs from the ipod while the ipod was still mounted to itunes. Reset and erase the device all you want….The art fucked it up. I should noted that all album art imported before I upgraded to itunes 7.0.1 still functions. 7.0.1 was supposed to have addressed this issue as it came up in 7.0.

    like jeremy N said, yyeah, i pluged it into a back usb and guess what, it worked, phew, what a relief i just got this nu ipod today, i was going to kill somebody

    Had the same error with a first gen 4G nano. Found the problem with mine was 1) not software, 2) not operating system and 3) not iTunes related. It was the cable.

    Tried XP - two machines, OSX -Mac Mini, Powerbook. While the XP machines would recognize the nano, you couldn’t do anything with it.

    So, on a whim I grabbed a different cable from a “newer” first gen nano and plugged the older nano in. Restore worked like a charm this time.

    Bottom line - you may want to try another cable!

    I have a 5G 60GB iPod … it’s Windows formatted but I use it on my Mac. my iPod software version is 1.1.2.

    Audio: 33.6GB
    Video: 3.51GB
    Photos: 1.28GB
    Other: 15.24GB (backup of my home directory)
    Free Space: 2.07GB

    I would get the “The iPod … cannot be updated. The disk could not be read from or written to.” message when I was updating, just as it was starting on the Photos … Audio & Video were definitely updating, maybe even the Contactts & Calendars too. It was happening for weeks with iTunes 6.0.5, then I updated to 7.0 and it was still going. Then I somehow accidentally wiped the audio from my iPod, and when I copied it back (took a few hours!), the photos worked again.

    For some reason it started again this week. I tried different USB port and a few other things.

    Finally I went into “Photos” and turned off “Sync photos from”, said “No” to deleting the photos on the iPod, and then right-clicked on the iPod icon and chose “Sync”. It said “Updating iPod” for a while and synced my calendars & contacts, then finished in the usual way (no more error message). Then I turned on “Sync photos from”, right-clicked the iPod icon and chose “Sync” … this time it all worked, including copying over new photos!

    I know clicking “Sync” each time takes longer than just clicking “Apply” to apply the new settings, but this seemed to do the trick, whereas just clicking Apply had not fixed the problem.


    When connecting your iPod, make sure iTunes doesn’t start…
    you’ll see an icon of a flash disk in ‘My Computer’ - That’s your iPod (don’t say “duh”)… anyways
    Right click on that icon and ‘Reset’ or ‘Format’ (it’s different in Hebew).
    Upon formatting completion, unplug your iPod and the Apple logo will appear… do not be scared!!!
    The iPod will ask you for software language and then the main menu will appear…
    Now plug your iPod back and enjoy song and picture transferring as long as you wish!!!
    (Keywords for searchers: “iPod cannot be updated”, “The disk could not be read from or written to”, sync, sync error in iPod).

    i have had an ipod shuffle for about a year now and my younger brother has been dying to get one so he finally bought one. well he set up the ipod on the computer and entered all his info. and once it was all set up it would not work. well he decided screw it and took it back to the store. well somehow my info. for my ipod got deleted so i got out my old cd to reinstall it and all these popups came up that said need to check the device with the windows logo testing..well i kept installing anyway and now when i try to put songs on my ipod an error opens that says the ipod Lauren has an uknown error -36. i have tried and tried and tried to get it to work. i have reinstalled and done everything the handbook and websites have asked..any suggestions? please help!

    Okay.. this is my second replacement with my ipod 60gb iphoto ( first time hard drive failed in the middle of my 2 weeks vacation). Five months later, I am about to go through my third replacement, since im having the same issue as everyone with the 1481 error. And by now, my patience with this i-Piece Of Dirt is growing very short. The only good thing about this ipod, is that its heavy enough to deck someone in the head with, esp Apple-not -so -genius support. So if someone has a better idea, PLEASE help me.

    I tried every possible thing suggested by everyone on this site. I downloaded iTunes 7. switched to the USB on the back. right clicked and hit Format. Yet it still says ” do not disconnect” yet nothing is being updated nor being restored. SO please help me..

    Had same problem with Unknown error 1418 with shuffle

    *** Heres the solution ***

    Uninstall itunes and ipod updater and download iTunes 6.0.5 from

    WTF Is this, i tried all this shit, i updated, restored, had ‘cannot b written 2 or read’/cannot be restored.unknown error. bulshit given to me, im fukin sik of this, all i wanna do is listen to my music instead of having to sit about in my house listening, Apple are fucking pricks, i formatted this ipod then used restore and still had the same problems, if i format it then why is there problems still!? i got the same probs as most the people here, and still theres not shit that can help cept people who think ‘yeah brilliant ive found the remedy’ and then post ‘alrite guys u gotta get itunes and update your ipod with it, no need to thank me lads’ i dont know if youve noticed but IT.DOESNT.FUCKING.WORK!!! Later!!!

    OKAY im back.. after 4 days of agonizing headache. it paid off.
    So for 4 straight days, i did on doing the restore ipod thing. it would tell me to that the restore is complete to unplug it and plug it into the wall. i plugged it in, left it in for few mins, some few hours, some over night, plugged it in the itunes again and it would say ” iPod seems to be corrupted, please restore bullshit.”

    So i did that shit OVER and OVER and OVER.. for seriously four fkn days.
    So One day, as I was restoring it, after it was “done restoring,” after it says complete and said to unplug it, I just left that shit plugged into my computer, and let iTunes do its thing. and

    HOLY SHIT! shit fuckin worked.

    so I hope this helps . GOOD LUCK.

    The Ipod ) “” ( cannot be updated. The disk could not be read from or written to.
    your help support stinks !!!!
    why am I unable to send a regular email and explain my problem to a human creature on line, as so many respectable firms do??????
    absolutely impossible to solve this problem; I tried all above mentioned tricks, nothing helps.
    I think it’s a shame for a firm like apple to put on the market such an expensive gadget that has so many flaws !!!!
    Irrespectfully yours

    I have the new 5.5g Video iPod and repeatedly ran into the same problem with iTunes 7.0.1 on WinXP. Turns out that I had disabled “Terminal Services” and that was the source of the problem. After turning it on, everything seems to be fine now. Hope this helps.

    I had this same problem and I fixed it. Try restoring your iPod (I know you’ve probably already tried that) but this time rename the iPod as “iPod” instead of “Jack’s iPod”. I’m not sure whether its the apostrophe, the space inbetween or the number of characters that screws the iPod up, all I know is having my name on the ipod isn’t worth the headache! Hope that helps.

    ok here is my problem: i bought a first generation ipod shuffle a couple of weeks ago. 4 days after i bought it I tried to remove some of my songs from it, i didn’t exactly know how to do it at that time so i did it manually, after that, all it says when i try to upload any music: “xxx’s iPod cannot be updated” or “The disk could not be read from or written to.” i’ve tried all the tricks you guys mentined before but none of them actually work. reformating and changing the ipod’s name didn’t do a thing. so please someone HELP! or just tell me where i can find any help.

    I found that I had to choose a different picture folder. The windows “my pictures” would not work without getting an error. Once I created a new picture folder, it worked.

    I bought this fucking ipod shuffle two days back.
    I tried to import song in it. But wat the hell I recieved the same message: ipod cant be updated. The disk cud notbe written into or read from. When I formatted it, it worked. But when I tried to import some more songs, its again giving me message. Its driving me nuts.
    Can somebody plz help. Shd I seek replacement from the companyas its in the warranty period.

    To fix this problem disable your antivirus. Works for everyone i’ve told. Once you diable it restart your comp and should work for most. Hlped me

    I have an Ipod Shuffle for 2 years now and since i updated itunes to v7 it´s not working anymore.
    I have two computers (pc and laptop) with Itunes and the Ipod works fine on the laptop (itunes6) - proving that it´s not a hardware problem.

    I´ve tried everything on my pc. I´ve unistalled itunes7 and installed the exactly same version where it works. i´ve downgraded the ipod shuffle software to 1.1.3. i´ve tried so many steps
    like restoring ipod, update, etc… and it still doesn´t work.

    the thing is…
    on PC, everytime i format the ipod shuffle and i plug it for the FIRST time, itunes auto fill the pod with songs. After this first (auto) sync, i can´t do anything else. After that i can´t delete or add any other song to the ipod and i get the same f… message “The disk could not be read from or written to.”

    what can i do?
    why it works on the laptop?
    could it be any other program? (i dont have any anti-virus running on pc)

    problem solved after I plugged in the fire wire cable instead of usb… very strange!! Anyway, me happy!

    I too had the problem of Itunes not being able to write to my Shuffle after updating to Itunes Ver 7. The Apple help line was no help. I tried “restore” and several other suggested fixes. What ultimately worked for me was to “format” the Shuffle in Windows.

    I reinstalled an older version of Itunes after but it would not work because ” the file itunes cannot be ready by a newer version of itunes”. I found a fix on another site by removing this file from the Itunes music folder and replacing it with the file that was in one of the backup folders created by Itunes.

    Good luck.

    I solved the cannot update / read or write to Ipod problem by restoring it to its factory settings in Itunes 7. Note that my Ipod was originally Windows-formatted because I had first installed in on a PC at work. GOod luck!

    ALRIGHT. Here was my problem. Basically, everything you all had. Nothing on this forum worked.. i tried EVERYTHING. I was ready to tell apple to go F themselves. My AIM away message was “Steve jobs can take all three of my ipods and shove them up his ass” for a full week. BUT, i have found the solution. If you feel you have had it with iTunes and the infamous “cannot read from or write to disc” message, try this method.

    I reinstalled iTunes about 9 times. Then I realized, when you uninstall it, they still keep files on your computer in case you would like to reinstall it later. heres what i did:

    Go to add/remove programs. uninstall EVERYTHING apple/iTunes/iPod related.

    When this is done, go to program files. Find anything iTunes, and DELETE IT. find anything iPOD, and DELETE IT. get that crap off your machine.

    Next, go to search from the start panel.

    Search for “itunes” …delete anything related to iTunes from everywhere; temp folders, startups, anything. if it says iTunes, GET RID OF IT.

    Now that this is done, go to my documents, find the old itunes library… after backing up all your music, delete all other iTunes library

    Now, your computer thinks iTunes was never there. Steve jobs, you tricky bastard.

    Now, reinstall itunes.

    Once iTunes is reinstalled, plug your ipod in

    NOTE: make sure you plug your iPod in the same USB port everytime u sync, i suspect this caused the original error messages.

    another IMPORTANT note: after you sync something, you have to unplug the iPod and plug it back into the SAME usb port you first used. Then it should work

    voila. iTunes is terrible, and it needs to be fixed.

    ALSO..if for some reason this doesnt work, I found a way to work around iTunes. If you cant get it to work, uninstall iTunes, and download a program called vPod (google it). You will see how much better than iTunes it is for syncing.

    best of luck,
    brad if you have ne questions.


    Ok, heres whats happening, at least on my machine.

    If because you have to unplug it after each sync, you cant set it to anything other than updating all songs and playlists. Which sucks. Thanks, apple.

    hope i helped.



    Two months without an iPod…factory restores…resets……updaters…device managers…taking to my techie friends…reading the advice and tips on the web….trying most of them…getting error messages including “the disk could not be read from or written to” and an unknown error(-50). FUGGIN WEIRD MAN. But after looking here used the USB at the back and hey F*kin presto it is updating. Fuggin used to work before though!! Apple are a bunch of F in c-words

    thanks guys

    My Ipod mini was getting both of these errors, first the 1418 error which i fixed on my PC once but then it reoccured (i think it was just luck the first time) and then the Cannot write to device error.

    The problem was an underpowered USB port, even the onboard USB on my pc was underpowered for the ipod. I chucked in on my mates PC, i was able to restore the IPOD and then upload all my music to it again.

    I would definately try it on another PC or 2 if you are having either of these problems

    It Worked!

    Found this via google.

    Thanks again!

    :: Tash


    After mucking with this piece of sh1t for days…
    I tried everything, but once I switched from using the USB on the front of my computer to the USB on the back, I was able to complete the reformat.
    Thanks for the tip



    Yes to take care of this problem simply just use Tech Tool Pro 4.5.2 and you can repair the structure of the ipod, it took me 2 minutes, I didn’t have to reformat or restore or anything. I love this program, Apple genius bar use it all the time instead of disk utility.

    TechTool Pro 4.5.2

    I swear by this program it restored my Mac Cube hard drive!!!


    I basically removed iTunes and any folders/files on my friends computer. I still got the 1418 error.

    What I did to get iTunes to finally restore my friends nano to the factory settings, was:

    Open My Computer
    When you see the nano drive appear as a disk drive, right click on it, select format, and check quick format. It formats quickly in a few seconds. Disconnect the ipod, reconnect and Restore!

    Worked for me.

    To fix unknown error 1418 “disk cannot be read or written” for Windows XP:

    Connect iPod, but CLOSE iTunes. Click on my computer, explore, find your iPod drive (look for icon), right click on the drive, go to properties > hardware > double click iPod USB device > click on policies > click “optimize for performance” > click OK.

    This worked PERFECTLY to fix my music download problem on an older, 20GB click wheel. My newer 30GB video did not have this problem.

    ok so i got the same problem.. does that same error when i connect ipod but its with songs: basically in itunes it shows i got 2400 songs (and i do) in the ipod.. when i disconnect the ipod i go see how many songs i got in it and it shows 2360…. so i tried doing the “optimize for performance” solution but when i did it i discovered i already had the “optimize for performance” option on.. really dont know what to do, i’d like to hear those 40 missing songs (which are the 40 last songs i placed in the ipod)… please help =)

    I just received a replacement 40Gb click-wheel and had problems right from the get-go. (many, many could not write errors) The Apple “MacGenius” reformatted the new iPod, ran every diagnostic, and proclaimed the iPod perfect. I took it home, started syncing, and again, the same awful “cannot be read from or written to error.” After reading this blog, I tried two things, one of which hasn’t been posted yet. 1) I changed the iPod USB device policy as documented above, and 2) Instead of plugging directly into my USB2 port, I plugged my iPod into a powered hub which was plugged into the very same USB port. My sync got a *lot* farther this time, and after two additional errors, I managed to sync my entire playlist. I don’t know which action helped, or if it’s worth going back to the Apple store and demanding a new iPod. The iPod is still under warranty, but it seems like there are so many problems with the latest iTunes/iPod software, the USB ports, and the cables, that I’m just as likely to have problems with another iPod. Any suggestions?

    Got the same 1418 problem on my 30gb video, after I updated my itunes. Used a different firewire cable and my ipod was restored. Thanks for the advice!

    I guess the apple guys shouldn’t be offering the update if it’s causing all these problems. I wonder if they even know it’s giving a lot of people headaches.

    Use a different USB, I was using the front one and was getting frustrated, I switched to the back and it works! Yay.

    Should try it.

    they know it gives headaches, they just love seeing people have them, but what they dont know is that we will all switch to Zen to PISS them OFF! ya and my nano wont add pictures, i get Cannot Update Ipod. An unknown error has occurred. (-50), then i get xxx ipod cannot be read or written from. still kinda frozen, then a minure or 2 later i get Cannot Update Ipod. An unknown error has occurred. (-50), then it says ok to disconect. so ya no idea how to fix :(

    If this problem was fixed by using the USB on the back of your PC… It’s most likely because you are now using a USB 1.0 and NOT USB 2.0. Your transfer rates are 1/5 the speed on USB 1.0 vs. 2.0.

    PS… I’ve tried everything mentioned to get rid of the read/write error, with nothing working…

    The problem I was havin was that my ipod wasn’t able to reconect for updates, any changes that i did to it when i tried to apply it didn’t connect to the ipod and displayed the error that we all are fighting. Ok here’s how I solved it. I connected my Ipod to a different computer and enabled the disc use by putting the manage songs and playlists manually. By clicking this option the ipod never disconects unless you do it manually. So, I connected again my ipod to my pc and voila!! it start to work again, only that now i have to do all the updates manually. It seems that problem it’s some virus going around pc’s that blocks the reconection from the computer to the ipod or some error that the bloddy itunes 7 haves. Well I hope it helps guys give me an answer with the results.

    I tried a lot of these and but the one that worked for me was left by Rumpelstiltskin on August 13th. Thanks!

    My Answer
    After tons of grief, i plugged the Ipod into the USB on the back of my PC, the transfer rate shot through the roof. I’m convinced a lot of the problems are caused by slow transfer rates.
    thanks for all the advice on the USB ports team.

    I am really thankful for all the post…I have windows xp, and could not get my gen 2 Ipod shuffle to work. After reading I finally managed to make it play songs.
    1. uninstall Itunes
    2. Go to my computer and find Drive E(yours might be different)
    3. Right click on your Ipod drive/go to properties/hardware/ double click on Ipod device/change to optimize.
    4. Reinstall Itunes
    5. plug in Ipod/ and it should work.

    iTunes crashed the other day, and I don’t remember the specifics, but I couldn’t eject my iPod. (It’s a 15gb 2nd gen. I think.) I think I reset it and pulled it out of the dock. I let it sit in its case for a few days, and finally put it back late last night, only to get an error message from iTunes saying it was corrupted! Restoring gave me the 1418 error every time, and my computer itself said it could not recognize the device (something like that). Disk Utility warned me I would lose some functionality of the iPod if I erased it, so I didn’t chance that. I read in Google a snipplet of O.Sands’s post up there, about connecting directly to FireWire, so I tried that. Restore worked in an instant! Phew! Unfortunately, I discovered things have changed in iTunes 7; it won’t let me sync manually anymore. I managed to retain my settings when I upgraded but since the restore it changed. Anyway, I’m just incredibly relieved I don’t have to go buy a new one.

    I’m having the same problem with a new second gen iPod shuffle bought today. I’m gonna try a few of the things listed here, but one thing someone in the apple support chat told me to do, was start to restore your ipod, as soon as it starts restoring quickly unplug and then plug in your ipod. it should finish restoring without the read/write error and then it will resync. It did this for me but then it would only autofill with songs the first time and then get the same error again, but its worth a shot.

    The problem with iPods not getting updated is caused by Norton AV. For some reason it is scanning the iPod causing the “File in use” violation. This happens even when you have deselected the iPod for scanning in Norton. The solution is to add the iPod to your safe zones in Norton AV. Close and reopen iTunes and all is well.

    Add my iPod to the list…1) re-formated using Windows and 2) set properties to Optimize for Performance…re-plug and “Restore and Update” works. This is in response to installing iTunes 7.0.1 on Windows Vista. (Phew!)

    I just got a “new” ipod shuffle (who knows what generation it is, it’s the tall slim, original shape). I went through the same problems others report here, getting the “cannot be updated, disk cannot be written to or from” error message. I got it to work twice. The first time it autoloaded songs from my whole library (not what I wanted). It then wouldn’t work again so I was stuck with unwanted choices on the ipod. I went through many hours of fix attempts and got it to work again. This time I turned off autofill, made sure the songs I wanted were in favorites and directed it to fill manually from favorites. All good so far. Then just to test it out, I tried to add one song and got the error message again. Now everytime I launch iTunes with the ipod connected, it tells me that the ipod is corrupt.

    I did all the above using three versions of iTunes - 6.x, 7.0.1, and 7.0.2 (latest). As a last resort, I tried connecting the shuffle to another PC with iTunes ver 4.7 - guess what? - it works PERFECTLY. It is NOT corrupted, inserting the ipod launches iTunes, I can add or delete songs from the iPod, etc. In short, it does what you’d EXPECT and what it SHOULD do without losing 7-8 hours of your LIFE anguishing over inexplicable error messages and shot-in-the-dark troubleshooting fixes.

    I think the problem here lies squarely in the laps of the iTunes program writers. With the amount of revenue ipods have generated, I don’t care how many obstacles there are in making a software program work correctly with a piece of hardware - it needs to happen. I did find the info on this link to be helpful, and used it to get my ipod to work right two times:

    But forcing regular people to go through what everyone here has had to do is totally inexcusable - whatever happened to “plug-and-play”? As it is, I’m stuck with downloading music from iTunes on one PC, and loading it onto my ipod with another PC, using two different versions of iTunes. I can’t download music with ver 4.7, and I can’t interface my ipod with any newer versions. Thanks a lot Apple! Enjoy your success!

    Here are my opinions:


    i guess i can throw nuke bomb to apple company…
    i successfully used ipod video for 1.5 years with GNU GTKpod.
    and just few days ago i decided to run software update under winblows from the computer of friend of mine, and, you know result - lucky 1418 error. honestly, i hate apple.

    romalong(aka DJ LNG), Kiev, Ukraine

    Disk could not be written to or Read from error message:
    I was getting the error message (Disk can not be read from or written to) while syncing. I found this is caused by a currupt song. Just delete that song from the Itunes library or choose not to sync that song and the ipod will sync. I had 3 currupt songs I had to delete so I had to try syncing 3 times. When syncing, this error message comes up while syncing the bad song or songs.

    my itunes keep saying my ipod can’t be updated the file or directory is corrupted or unreadable what do i do

    I couldn’t believe it. I had the dreaded 1418 message myself. Well actually, it all started when I tried to restore my iPod because I wanted to start afresh with my music selection. Suddenly I get the 1415 error. I unplug the iPod and put it back in - the computer doesn’t recognise it. The next day, I booted up my computer and it decided that it did recognise it, but now a trying to restore it gave me a 1418. But just this moment I read something about trying different USB ports, and then I unplugged my printer cable. Next I plugged the iPod into the socket that the printer had been using, and voila! Everything was fine. Like the software programmer who posted above, I too hope that Steve Jobs regularly Googles himself to see what havoc his dodgy programming is wreaking. To the ordinary person who isn’t acquainted with the intricate manners of computers, this would be nightmarish! iTunes has always struck me as an absolutely astonishingly shoddy piece of software. In fact, I already had to have an iPod replaced before due to my previous one inexplicably breaking (no one, and I mean no one, could explain it).

    I am sick of constantly reformatting my ipod because these (-48) errors persist. Do you know how long that takes? And I only have a 30 gb iPod. It sucks. Apple had better address this woeful device management issue. It shouldn’t be up to us to share hacks and workarounds on blogs such as this. It should just work. Hang on.. Isn’t that their tagline? It Just Works. Well I’m sorry, it doesn’t.

    Hello,guys! I’m from China and i came aross the same problem tonight when i tried to use my friend’s ipod. It’s really bad.Actually first i check out the Chinese website for all the solutions but i didn’t find any ideal one. Then i came here luckly by searching the ipod 1418 which successfully lead me to the solve of the problem. Just like others i change the USB to another port and it works. Apple is not perfect even it looks that good. Do you find the bite on it? How smart Steve Jobs for he already see it before.Finally,thank you very much for the mettioned many ways of sovling the famous”1418″ problem. Any way i get the valuable information from the genious guys. It’s exellent! I’m really happy now!Hope you also have a good luck. I want to post some pictures about the procejures but i find it’s imporssible to do that. Anyway, hope you are as luky as i am!

    I had the same problem, 1418 error, with a 3rd gen. 20gb and the only solution I could find was to remove all ipod/itunes software from my computer (save songs to a seperate folder first). Then insert the original software cd (V for mine). This seemed to work and I haven’t had any error reports yet which must mean that the problem is with old ipods using the newer version of itunes. The only problem with this is that it will want you to authorise all purchased music befor eit will upload and in doing so will want you to authorise with version 7 of itunes??? Don’t do it, download them free from other sites, you’ve already paid for it once!!! It takes a bit of time but it’s better than wrecking your ipod again.

    My ipod was having the same error 1418 problem as described above but now for some unknown reason is working fine! the only problem is that the computer does not recognise the ipod at all, i cannot therefore update it because in itunes it doesnt even show up as being plugged in…..

    Very strange, has anyone had this problem????

    Ipods are so temperamental!!

    I had this exact problem and found that renaming the folders and synching again worked perfectly. A bit anoying but at least it worked (the first time anyway).

    I had the same problem ( the ipod could not be updated because the firmware file was corrupt) and this fixed it for me:

    I kept getting this “cannot read from or write to disk” message, and it corrected itself when I disconnected the iPod from my USB hub and plugged it directly into the computer. I know this was mentioned before, but I just wanted to reiterate it.

    this is about my ipod video 30g. today, when i was listening to my ipodn and also playing a game on the ipod then it started slowing down gradually freezing. then i connected my ipod to my computer and after like 10 attempts trying to load my ipod on itune it had a messag sayin it was corrupted. and i had to restore. so i did but it took ages to restore and weirdly my cmputer keeps on freezing but i had to disconnect my ipod and then connect it again for the restoring to continue .. after doing this a couple of time it finally came up with a message saying “the ipod could not be restored. an unknown error occurred (1418)” then i tried sticking my ipod at the rear usb port of my hard drive becoz i stick it at the front usb port normally. but it still dont work the result was the same CAN ANYONE PLZ HELP add if u are over a one year warrenty then will the apple company still help ya fix it

    ok…i found it out… for shuffles, follow what rumplestilskin said… (go into my computer, and then under hardware tab, double click Apple usb) after that, ifyou still had problems like me, then at the apple usb device, uninstall it, and after, disconnect your shuffle, and it will have to reinstall the driver, and you peachy… it lets you add songs and everything…

    im glad i tried this too, because i was about 10 seconds from smashing it with a hammer

    Same problem as everyone, but i fixed it. I also have an external Lacie harddrive and i get this error only when it is turned on. My shuffle appears in My Computer, but when i click on it, it is empty. As soon as I disconnected my Lacie and reconnected my shuffle, everything worked again. Worth a shot if you have some other external harddrive device.

    I’m a Mac oriented user and never had so much problems,
    I agree with the guy who wrote up there:
    “What ever happened to plug and play?”

    I ‘ve tried all of the above… no luck. I have an Ipod photo 60 GB on a Mac iBook laptop. When on iTunes 6.5 the message was: error -36, now with iTunes 7.2, it’s “could not be read or written to”. I downgraded it to 6.5 and still the message specially on files larger than 7 MB.
    Anyone got a clue? TKS in advance.

    I hope I don’t see Steve Jobs down here on the caribbeean,
    I’ll rip off his bikini !!!! :-)

    Thanks a million to the James who left a message on August 5th, 2006!

    My ipod shuffle went very wrong about 6 months ago (two months after the warranty expired!) Itunes wouldn’t recognise it, and then windows stopped recognising it at all. Hours upon hours of attempts to fix it failed. I switched to windows media player and gave up on apple completely in disgust. I nearly took my shuffle apart just for the fun of it, but luckily I just stuck it it a drawer instead.

    So, I just tried James’ tip, and it worked!!! I basically went into device manager (right click on My Computer and select ‘Manage’, and found the ipod. I then went to properties, and selected ‘Optimize for performance’. I then had to unplug it, and plug it into a different usb port, but when I did, bingo!! It now seems to work perfectly, fingers crossed it will continue that way!!

    excuse me this question may have ben answered, but im confused, if itunes says it cant restore the ipod becouse it cant find the iopd software, what am I supposed to do

    Hi again…
    Apple said:
    iPod Issues?
    These five steps (known as the five Rs) will conquer most iPod issues. Reset, Retry, Restart, Reinstall, Restore.

    If this doesn’t work…

    Page 48, Get that connector, works better for Windows/PC’s
    processing information FASTER! It worked for me! I hope it works for you who had “could not be read or written to” message.

    Please Let me know if it worked for you, It might be the solution for many problems listed here! :-)

    when i try to sync songs onto my ipod it says ‘ songs on the ipod “sasha” cannot be updated because the playlist selected for syncing no longer exists. i thought that uninstalling and reinstalling the itunes would help but nothing has changed. now i have no songs on my ipod and don’t know what to do. please help?

    I purchased an ipod shuffle 2nd generation. I tried all of the above solutiosn but none of them worked for me, I searched all over for a solution, then I came across one in a discussion on the apple website, and voila… the solution worked.


    Here is the solution provided: (I’ve just taken it from the webpage above)

    1) Disconnect the iPod from the computer.
    2) Go to “start> right click my computer> manage> services and applications> services>
    3) Click iPod service> click stop service.”
    4) Connect the ipod and it should show up in my computer.
    5) Format it so all content is gone. (ohno: right click, select format, uncheck “quick format” and click OK - should take just a couple seconds to format)
    6) Go back to “start> right click my computer>
    manage> services and applications> services> click iPod service> click Start service. This should have the service running again.
    7) Open iTunes and connect the shuffle. When it says to automatically fill it (the window that pops up) dont unclick it, proceed so the shuffle autofills. Before it stops autofilling, quickly go to the settings tab. Then, scroll down to where it says “enable disk use” and check the box, then hit apply. Don’t worry about the slider position for disk space, mine has worked with this all the way to the left with 0 meg for disk use.
    8) Done.
    9) How to use: drag and drop songs / playlists in iTunes onto your iPod within the iTunes device list, just hit the eject button next to your iPod device when done.

    Hope this helps…

    I’ve just been reading the above. I had error 1418 the new coloured shuffle. I tried everything, formatting, chkdsk etc. After I managed to format it, it really was as simple as trying it in a different USB port. It worked. Nice.

    Tawhguy - excellent. really excellent. this worked, when all else failed.

    see i get the error -50 when i try and load music on the ipod during the “Analizing Phase” i just hit Ok and it goes away. thuogh the thing that worries me, is this.
    i have a dual boot with ilinux and the apple os on mine. i also have it set to boot to rock box for added video games etc.
    when this error occurred first, i had to restore my ipod, reload linux on it, then rock box. everything worked fine till i started loading music on it.

    im assuming you guys mostly havent delt with the ipod hacks yet, so the comfort is, is it may not be the linux running on it. butttttt.. heh, you never know when you start messin around with this stuff

    the thing about attaching the iPod usb cord to the back of the computer works. i had it in a hub before, and i kept getting the error. but with it in the CPU, it works fine.

    Ok, 5th gen ipod with video; error message 1415. I’ve tried new usb, tried reformating, now my computer wont recognize my ipod at all. can anyone help me? I have tried all usb ports on my computer. What am i missing here? by the way, I am so not computer smart, so small words would be appreciated! Thanks

    Having trouble loading our ipod. Basically we can synchronise and download all our music library and all our photo library but we don’t want it all, just some.
    Therefore we go to the summary and just synchronise with those files checked. We then apply and sometimes they load and other times it fails with the message THE IPOD CANNOT BE UPDATED. AN UNKNOWN EROR OCCURRED ( - 48).
    Have you experienced this and have you any ideas what’s wrong. We have rebooted several times to factory settings but same problem arises. We have also checked and downloaded latest software. Don’t want to contact apple if you might know our problem after all these are supposed to be simple to set up and use!!!! Eric

    I had to search through all of this advice, but after a bunch of bull$hit I decided that the wisest thing to do would be NOT to re-install iTunes, but to unplug my iPod, plug it into a different usb port (into the computer directly while the computer was off), restart the computer, before iTunes opened I went to my computer and did the optimize thing that you can find by searching this page for “optimize”, and then restored the iPod. thank god it works because if i just paid 300$$ for something that was shitty, i would flip a bitch

    Got a 60gb Ipod Photo, 1418 - Tryed 2 different PCs, differnt USB ports, different verisions of itunes, - it wont let me format it or chkdsk it. When trying a restore the ipod seems to lock up and the ‘no entry’ icon stops flashing. Itunes detects the ipod when plugged in and suggest a retore which doesnt work. Any other ideas?!

    After having a broken iPod since November, I finally got my it to start working! It was indeed the new iTunes that caused the malfunction with the iPod. Through messing with it each time, I got the sad ipod folder thing, and had Best Buy repair it. Each time, they replaced the hard drive, but the problem was actually iTunes, *not* my iPod.

    Anyhow, after this last time, I still couldn’t get my iPod to work. Then, I started experimenting with some things. First, I tried using EphPod and Winamp, but the new iTunes made everything think that my iPod hard drive was corrupt.

    Long story made short, I deleted the iPod_Control folder on my iPod and downloaded a copy of iTunes 6. Miraculously, my iPod can be updated, and I can finally listen to music.

    The whole experience has caused me to strongly dislike Apple. Also, keep in mind that this potential fix will only work if your iPod is being recognized by Windows Explorer. REMEMBER TO FULLY CHARGE YOUR IPOD before attempting anything.

    I have a 1G shuffle, I was getting the error: The iPod cannot be updated. The disk could not be read from or written to. I am running Windows Vista and thought they weren’t compatible, like every other program and periferal known to man. I was plugged into a front USB port, once I plugged it into a USB port in the back of the tower, it miraculously began to work.
    Good luck and down with Apple!

    i try this steps
    first time work fine but when i try to sync secand time same error.

    Man, where to begin? I started having problems after I updated to iTunes 7.02. Eventually I got the infamous error 1418 on my iPod Photo 30gig. It had been giving me some problems (it had trouble navigating menus, changing volume, and then jumped to the middle of a song while playing a different one), so I tried resetting it, then restoring it. I then plugged in my wife’s nano and got the same message! But, after resetting it, I got it to work. For weeks I had nothing but problems. I searched the Apple forums to no avail. After a lot of messing around, and changing a bunch of variables, I got it working again. Not sure what did it, but I got iTunes 6.05, tried reformatting from disk manager, and gave it the slap. Frustrating process. But SOMETHING worked. I was very close to throwing in the towel.

    BUT… now I am having a new problem! When I plug in the iPod, it just hangs with the “Do Not Disconnect” message. The power is low, so I think that might be the issue. I plugged it in to the wall, so hopefully that’ll do the trick. It’s not so bad an issue since I can actually us the iPod. I just can’t update it. I update stuff to my wife’s 4gig Nano (which has no problems).

    I’m sort of surprised by the amount of people who changed USB ports and found success. I have only a laptop, and my library is on an external drive. I’m wondering if this is going to be a problem. I haven’t tried updating with the external drive off (why would I? That’s where what I want the iPod to update to is!), but i wonder if the USB ports on laptops are generally underpowered?

    Great info here, btw. Is it still advised for those with 1418 problems to avoid any iTunes version beyond 6.5?

    “Left by james on August 5th, 2006

    Ladies an gentlemen i found the solution that i think will help alot for people who get “The disk could not be read from or written to.” issue…its an xp issue i think. when you plug in your nano DO NOT start up itunes, try to prevent itunes from starting(uninstalling it could do it.) you might find in my computer that it recognizes your ipod.(mine was under drive E:) right click on the drive go to properties >hardware>double click ipod usb device>go to policies>click optimize for preformance. an voila! the issue is solved. now rest your soul.”

    You sir, are 1000000% right! Worked as soon as I did it, thanks a lot!
    Now if only Apple would stop making shitty ass products, people wouldn’t have to go through all this bullshit just to hear their fucking music.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that this also fixed that 1418 error, and the error that says the ipod cannot be written to.

    Hey Thanks so much Rumpelstiltskin!!! Your solution worked really fine!! :)

    I have a 4th gen, 20gb ipod. The solution earlier stated, I tried a different USB port on the computer. I thought this would be the last problem in the book, come to find out it worked!

    Good luck!

    Well I recieved the same errors for many months and decided to try it get it up and functioning again. I spent several hours trying everything I could think of as well as most things listed here. What finally worked for me was plugging my iPod into a different USB port. If you are stuck and can’t get anywhere, fiddle with the different ports on your PC to see if it works in a different one that you originally statred using. =]

    I had the same problem as most with the 1418 error and could not get the iPod to restore. I formatted the drive and then did a restore and nw everything is ok, thanks everyone for the help!

    My new shuffle had the message ‘Windows could not load installer for volume. Contact you hardward vendor for assistance. Then when the ipod was in itunes it had the message cannot be synched disk cannot be read from or written to. The quick format of the ipod in my computer did the trick. I still got the volume error message but now my ipod can get written to! Thanks for the tip.

    i had this same problem with my shuffle .. All Xp machines gave the same shit error ..
    i connected it to a Win 2K and it works …
    also i did this .. i pressed the Play button and the “-” button together for 3-5 seconds .. The lights blinks for a second .. I think it is some way of hardware refresh …
    It still doesnt work in my XP machine where my songs are :-)

    Just yesterday I bought a new 30gb ipod. The very first night when attempting to sync my library with the ipod, after about 2 gigs of uploading I get the error “can’t be read from or written to”.
    I am running XP. I think I can still return/exchange the ipod at the apple store where I bought it. Have any of you considered returning/exchanging your ipods when you get these errors or do they usually happen to you after the 14 day return window is up? I am wondering if I should return it. Thanks for help guys.

    Thanks Rumpelstiltskin……The Trick works great

    Rumpelstiltskin, you’re a genius. This solved the intermittent problem with both my nano and shuffle! Thank you!!

    Now why doesn’t Apple put this solution on their support page

    Hi all,

    I have the same problem with error message “cannot read or write”…However, my songs and playlists do transfer to the iPod….weird!!! except about 30 songs, which I haven’t figured out which ones yet…i do think it’s an XP problem. I used to have a PC with my I have a MacBook and this is where I get the error message. Meanwhile my iPod is formatted to Windows and cannot be updated.

    Does anyone know if I can format my iPod to the Mac and it will solve the issue?

    Hey guys.. i think i got the solution! It worked for me.

    Well, i had the problem “the disk could not be read from or written to” and when i was trying to fix it i had the famous “1418 error” also.

    Ok then, what you have to do is, go to this page (if u have windows, or go to google and look for the Mac version):
    Download the iPod Reset Utility. Ok then unistall your iTunes, then reboot your computer. Ok, now you install the iPod Reset Utility, then install the iTunes…. and now should work ;)

    Let me know if i helped you, i hope so:

    btw, do not forget to rename your ipod next time using the iTunes

    So my new shuffle (has an old shuffle that is a million times more reliable - by the looks of things)is having the SAME problems (saying its corrupted when its brand new; saying it wont sync or that files are missing)….BUT to add to this fun, it keeps ding donging on and off my itunes program. Thats’ right folks, first its there….then its gone…then its there…then its gone.

    Moral of this story: I guess we can all assume its a piece of crap if we are all having the same damn problems and it requires someone with a computer science degree to sort it out (occasionally). Ooooh…where is my reciept! This puppy is going back to the store (of course losing the 10% for PACKING/RESTOCKING is going to push me over the edge…watch for me on the news folks!)

    Stupid ipods…

    i have a shuffle that has that problem and i did what rumpelstiltsken said to do. and it worked. thank you very much and it should work for everyone else with a shuffle too.

    for the the disk could not be read from or written to error…

    for me, it was a corrupted song. actually i believe people deliberatly corrupt songs and then post them on file sharing sites to fuck with peoples heads

    anyways… manually manage your music… then add your songs till you find which song brings up the error… i found it easiest too add a block of songs to narrow em down.. then deliet the culprit! et voila!

    THIS WORKS!!! You might need to do it twice, b/c it worked the first time and then when I restarted my computer I had to do it again. But after that, my ipod finally is letting me put music on it with the “cannot read or write to error”

    1) Disconnect your ipod.
    2) Hit ctrl-alt-del to get task manager
    3) Terminate iTuneshelper and iPodservice
    4) Connect your ipod, it should show up in windows explorer
    5) Select your ipod in windows explorer (it will probably be the “E” drive or “F” drive.

    *****when you open the ipod as your E: drive the “ipod_control”
    folder will not be visible unless you display hidden folders.
    (tools, folder options, view, display hidden folders)*****

    6)It should have an “ipod_control” subdirectory. Double click it.
    7) Select the “music” subdirectory
    8) Select the “F00″ directory and double click a music file. This should run iTunes if you have it set up as your default player. ****If you do not have music already installed on your ipod you
    you can drag and drop an mp3 file into the “foo” file.***
    9) In iTunes, select your iPod and click the settings tab.
    10) Check “enable disk use.” Move the slider wherever you want it - if you want all music, move it all the way to the left.
    11) Hit “apply”
    12) Eject your iPod, then reboot. (you might need to manually remove hardware using the remove hardware option in your system tray)

    Again…after I rebooted my computer it said my ipod might be corrupted, I just re-did the process and rebooted and now it works just fine all the time.

    Please try plugging into a different USB port. It worked for me. I was getting an error “1418″ and couldn’t restore iPod until I switched USB port.

    I have a 30 gb iPod 5th generation, software version 1.2.1 and I can’t fix the annoying 1418 error. iTunes couldn’t restore the ipod and the funny thing is that the LCD display is similar to an iPod mini which is black and white instead of colors. When I turn on the iPod, the apple logo appears for few seconds and a short message appears in four different language saying to connect iPod to iTunes to restore iPod. I’ve tried almost everything, uninstall and re-install itunes, formatting it using windows, switching usb ports, using freewares, the four R’s and I followed almost every steps from apple’s website and nothing happened. I’m using Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 and I’m using iTunes Can someone please help me?

    Sorry this message is late I found this forum in trying to look for an answer to the same pronblem

    that worked for me, you restore it and then follow the tutorial and it will upload all your items in iTunes just as before with no “playlist syncing” bullshit
    If that doesn’t work try pluging your ipod in and then choosing “Music” on the tabs above the update status, then choose the playlists you want on your ipod…hopefully restoring it will work

    My iPod crapped out on me and everything I try just refuses to work. I’ve been getting the folder with the exclamation mark, and sometimes a sad Mac. I’ve managed to mount it on the computer once (not an easy task) and clicked restore (I’ve tried the 5 Rs). It begins restoring and then a window pops up and says it cannot restore, that there’s an unknown error (1429). But then when my iPod restarts, I see the language menu and everything’s been erased. When I plug it back into the computer (via firewire) it says the iPod is corrupt and that I have to restore it. It’s a vicious cycle.

    BTW, this is the first generation click wheel iPod (not a color screen) and I’m working on OS X.

    If like me you purchased an IPOD in the hope it would solve all of your music woes. Just remember DO NOT USE A USB HUB. 1418 errors fill the screen even though other ipods actually work in the same configuration on the same itunes install. Seems to affect the later versions of ipod.

    Thanks for the posts here guys and girls.

    Ok, so here’s how I fixed my Windows XP “disk could not be read from or written to” problem. My problem was where the first time iTunes loaded up it would sync ok but then when attempting to sync again it would appear to freeze for a bit and then the message would appear. Unplugging the USB cable and reconnecting enabled a sync, but only one sync and then the same error message again. I could keep unplugging and sync the iPod that way but it was painful. After many hours of pain I have fixed the problem by downloading the full XP Service Pack 2 (XPSP2) from Microsoft’s website and reappling it. iTunes now syncs perfectly. Problem solved. No more nightmares. I hope this helps anyone else with the same symptoms. Good luck!

    My mini Ipod gave me the message that files were ‘unreadable and corrupted’. After getting really annoyed and trying various solutions that didn’t work I ‘reset my ipod to factory settings’. Once the ipod was wiped i plugged it back into my PC. I still all my songs on itunes, they uploaded no problem and am now able to upload new songs.

    HAppy days

    I have a 1st Gen IPOD Shuffle. I managed to fix this by using another computer and associating the Ipod with that computer. When I came back to my computer I ‘re-associated’ it with my computer and it worked…for now anyway. Thanks to everyone who took the time to post their fixes. Good luck

    I had the same problem with the read/write error the first time I tried to use it. I tried a few of the suggestions, including trying to restore it, but nothing worked. Finally I found these instructions on the apple site for re-registering some dlls that did the trick. After I performed them I got a corruption error, probably since my iPod hung during a previous restore, and I had to use the iPod reset utility, but then it worked like a charm. Here are the instructions.

    This symptom may be caused by an issue with the digital signing of Windows XP drivers. Following the steps below to reregister several .dll files mentioned below may resolve this issue. Before proceeding however, try to restore the iPod using the latest version of iTunes.. If you are unable to restore it or the symptom reappears, then follow the steps below:

    Disconnect the iPod from the computer and close iTunes.
    Highlight all of the following 10 lines of text that begin with regsvr32 and then choose Copy from the Edit menu of your web browser:
    regsvr32 /s softpub.dll
    regsvr32 /s wintrust.dll
    regsvr32 /s dssenh.dll
    regsvr32 /s rsaenh.dll
    regsvr32 /s gpkcsp.dll
    regsvr32 /s sccbase.dll
    regsvr32 /s slbcsp.dll
    regsvr32 /s mssip32.dll
    regsvr32 /s cryptdlg.dll
    regsvr32 /s initpki.dll

    Open the Notepad program by navigating to:
    Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad
    In Notepad, choose Paste from the Edit menu. Note: make sure that the text that appears in Notepad is the same as what is shown above.
    From the File menu, choose Save As.
    In the File name: field type appleipod.bat and save the file to the Desktop as All Files, not a text file.
    Close Notepad and locate the appleipod.bat file on the Desktop.
    Double-click the file and you will see a black window appear on the screen for about a minute. Wait until the window automatically disappears and proceed to the next step.
    The appleipod.bat file can be deleted at this time.
    Open iTunes and connect the iPod.
    When the iPod appears in iTunes, restore the iPod and resync your content.

    I had the 1418 error message when I tried to reset my iPod mini. Went back in and had a look at what was in my movies, podcasts etc. and found I had one podcast so deleted that and retried it and voila my iPod has reset now and charging as we speak ready to download new songs onto.

    Friends, I have been throgh the same 1418 from hell message and was driving me nuts, if you have a 1st or 2nd gen shffle this is your salvation:
    just install, run and…VIOLA! good as new, hope it helps.

    I spent a good six hours on Sunday trying to fix my 1418 error (among others I was getting in the process). I did almost everything anyone mentioned here (Brad S.’s post from November 19, 2006 was particularly helpful), rebooted and restored ad nauseum. At the end of the night, I had two songs back on the iPod (4G 20GB). The next night, I was able to get about 30 more before it conked out, and the night after that, about another 30. Plugging in, ejecting, plugging in again, over and over, four or five songs at a time.

    Last night, I switched the cable I had been using with the one from the charger I keep at work. All 3200 songs synced up without a hitch.

    I imagine at least some of the other stuff I did was necessary, too, but I just wanted to share one more thing to try!

    Hello. I am having same problem with a decently new iPod Shuffle.

    So far the only thing that helped is as said above. I will briefly repeat it here.

    It is as Tawhguy said, but I dont think the disk use option is the key. I think the key is where you go into the services. Her is my step by step.

    1) Disconnect the iPod from the computer.
    2) Go to “start> right click my computer> manage> services and applications> services>
    3) Click iPod service> click stop service.”
    4) Connect the ipod and it should show up in my computer.
    5) Format it so all content is gone. (ohno: right click, select format, uncheck “quick format” and click OK - should take just a couple seconds to format)
    6) Go back to “start> right click my computer>
    manage> services and applications> services> click iPod service> click Start service. This should have the service running again.
    7) Open iTunes and connect the shuffle.

    It is the same as his but I didnt hit enable disk use. It went into my music folder and added all my songs in, including some new songs that were added in my music folder while my ipod wasnt working.

    I think the two key thing here are disabling the service, and making sure quick format is un clicked.

    Good luck to you all. If you need any help I would be glad to assist. AIM: johniman7 .

    I do think this in unacceptable to have to do that and spend this much time on it. I think when I am ready to upgrade, I will be going with the Zune rather than another Apple product.

    Hey. I got my ipod working after a long while of it first giving me the error exclamation point, then not even getting to that point, then refusing to charge to even have anything come up… and i let it sit for awhile (a week.. whatever), and finally got it recognized by the charger. it would be recognized by my mac itunes, but say that it is corrupt. restore didnt work. updating itunes didnt work. so i read one of the tips here and wound up changing the cord from the usb connector to the firewall cord connector.. and it worked! maybe the one post about the cord not giving enough power to restore the ipod was right.. altho who knows what the problems really are with these. couldve been a fluke but worth trying. i also left the computer and everything alone while it was tryin things.

    actually when u are trying to update u get ex:rajanala’s ipod can’t be upadted.the error is a dll file in ur pc get deleted sometimes while u are trying to change the settings or when tring to update ur ipod with a new version .

    if u can re install your operating system u can upadate your ipod.i tried this one.i bet that u can get ur ipod into normal conditions after doing like this.u reinstall your operating sytem.u reformat ur ipod second and then u install the itunes……..hurray ur ipod get’s updating.i tried this with many ipod’s which have problem.

    for this reason only sometimes ur ipod works on other pc some times and doesnt work on your system…u can give ur feedback at

    I am experiencing the same 1418 problem and tried everything several times. The only thing that worked for me was what Nim wrote last April 3rd, 2007.

    I am copying it for anyone who would like to try it:

    “1) Disconnect your ipod.
    2) Hit ctrl-alt-del to get task manager
    3) Terminate iTuneshelper and iPodservice
    4) Connect your ipod, it should show up in windows explorer
    5) Select your ipod in windows explorer (it will probably be the “E” drive or “F” drive.

    *****when you open the ipod as your E: drive the “ipod_control”
    folder will not be visible unless you display hidden folders.
    (tools, folder options, view, display hidden folders)*****

    6)It should have an “ipod_control” subdirectory. Double click it.
    7) Select the “music” subdirectory
    8) Select the “F00″ directory and double click a music file. This should run iTunes if you have it set up as your default player. ****If you do not have music already installed on your ipod you
    you can drag and drop an mp3 file into the “foo” file.***
    9) In iTunes, select your iPod and click the settings tab.
    10) Check “enable disk use.” Move the slider wherever you want it - if you want all music, move it all the way to the left.
    11) Hit “apply”
    12) Eject your iPod, then reboot. (you might need to manually remove hardware using the remove hardware option in your system tray)”

    […] Maybe this helps :… If not, Google : ipod "error 1418" and read what others have found about it. […]

    thanks a bundle.. ur solution fixed my ipod.. some problem with synchronizing the pictures folder..

    This helped me. Reset the setting on the ipod then reset ur ipod. You do this by flicking the hold button backwards and forwards ten times. Then plug it in and it will ask you for the name of your ipod and it shud start adding songs.

    Hope this helps.

    I struggled with the unknown error problem for months, and just now fixed it. My iPod was unrecognized on both of my XP systems.. restoring would never work (gave the unknown error).

    My solution was connecting the iPod, going into computer management > disk drives > Apple iPod USB Device, and uninstalling. I then unplugged the iPod and plugged back in, started the iPod up. This fixed the problem - it finally recognizes the iPod name again, the partitions, and even the music files are still on it.


    I was having the same problem with the inability to restore with the newest version of itunes.
    Try downloading itunes version 7 from here You have to uninstall your newer version of itues (7.2 or some such) first.
    It’s slightly older, but still has the intergrated ipod restore function. It actually did restore the ipod for me.

    on my ipod it wont even trun on …all that it keeps doing is when i turn my hold button on, it shows a little apple and then it goes right to a white screen that says Use iTunes to restore on four differnt languages. When I connect to iTunes it dosnt even detect my ipod. Please tell me what I should do?!! PLease help me =]


    just thought i’d help out with the problem i had (unable to sync cause the playlist selected for syncing no longer exists). ok, make sure yr itunes is set so that it doesn’t open when you plug in yr ipod. if this is the case, the ipod should come up on yr my computer screen (on the h drive or something). right click on this and then click on format. unplug yr ipod and follow the commands after the apple logo (language selection and stuff). now open up itunes with yr ipod hooked up. it will ask you to name yr appliance (i gave mine a new name, just in case) and make sure you dont let the ipod/itunes automatically sync yr files. Now, shoot whatever music you have from other programs onto itunes (fill it to max). then click on yr ipod folder under devices and it brings you to the screen with the sync button at the bottom. check the box that says “sync only checked files” (make sure that all the music you want on yr ipod has a check in the box next to it in yr itunes library). now, press sync and wait. you should be good to go. all this just to listen to some fuckin music on the go…(whatever the fuck happened to the good old days of the walkman/discman…those things never fucked with you). technology fuckin sucks…

    Sorry if this has been mentioned in blog previously, i started reading and tried a few things and now am about to throw ipod off the wall. Mine had started geting the 1418 problem. After updating to newest ipod version, resttting and restoring numberous times and deleting of video clips i changed the usb port the ipod was plugged into. It started updating rapidlly which it had not been in the past and then cam eot a halt and it shows in itunes that i have an audio capitity of 11.75 gb but there are only 4 songs and a podcast showing on my ipod. Helllppp!!!!!!

    ok i have just got an ipod.. was so happy to have one! when i plug it in it pops up on devices and says that the ipod is corrupted and needs to be restpored.. i go to restore click on it and it says it can not be restored and because of that it wont work on windows!? error 1415… please help!!!!!

    katie x

    I just experienced the 1418 error myself with my new 80GB iPod Classic. I bought it to replace my stolen 60GB video 5G, so I’m used to working with iPods.

    I set up the iPod fine, sync’ed my old library with no problem - but then I tried to sync a photo folder and I started getting a -50 error that would cause the photo sync to fail. I tried moving the folder, I tried only using a few photos for test - nothing worked.

    While trying to photo sync, out of nowhere I got a 1418 error. I couldn’t see any files on the iPod and it would fail everytime I tried to Restore.

    I tried moving the usb port and still got the error. I tried making and running the ipod.bat file to reset .dlls and still got the error. I tried updating my usb drivers and still got the error. I tried reinstalling iTunes and still got the error.

    What finally worked for me was a variation of the instructions from Tawhguy on February 6th, 2007.

    Here’s what I did:
    1) Disconnect the iPod from the computer.
    2) Go to “start> right click my computer> manage> services and applications> services>
    3) Click iPod service> click stop service.”
    4) Connect the ipod and it should show up in my computer.

    5) Format it so all content is gone. (ohno: right click, select format, uncheck “quick format” and click OK - should take just a couple seconds to format)

    This part wouldn’t work for me. It would say yes to reformatting, but nothing would happen. So instead of formatting the files on the iPod, I just turned on “See Hidden Files and Folders” and selected everything on the iPod and erased it.
    Not as complete as a format, but it worked for me.

    6) Go back to “start> right click my computer>
    manage> services and applications> services> click iPod service> click Start service. This should have the service running again.
    7) Open iTunes and connect the iPod.

    Once in iTunes, it acted as if I were connecting a brand new iPod. I gave it a different name and it immediately started syncing again. It even synced the Photos that had started the whole problem.

    I’m glad I found this site, because otherwise I don’t know if I could have gotten it working again. Now it works great. Thanks everybody.

    I was given a 2Gb nano and all I want to do is listen to audiobooks, usually from, NEVER from the istore.
    The thing NEVER let me put a book in the folder where where it belongs, also there is no command like “put the recording on the device” and synch never does not work properly twice. Nor have I found a way to take stuff OFF the damn thing! When I remove stuff from itunes I get bewildered error messages to the effect that deletedfile.mp3 is missing or something (sheer genius!) This is on a new Dell notebook, XPpro, etc., not a Mac.
    If the contraption must be wiped and the junkware removed and reinstalled EVERY time you want something different, why not admit it? It would take less time than assuming the thing was well-designed and trying to make it work down every conceivable blind alley. Is there a different program? one that will put audiobooks on and take them off?

    J Henry -

    For starters, the iPod only recognizes a particular type of file as an audiobook file, so you have to convert from mp3 to mp4. The iPod will recognize this and put it in the Audiobook folder, as it does automatically for files from It also gives you auto-bookmarking so it will restart an audiobook file at the place you left it. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this conversion, if you want to, just google it.

    If you don’t want to bother with all the mp4 conversion nonsense 0 then remove the Audiobook folder from your Settings>Main Menu. Then give all your audiobooks the same genre tag “audiobook”, create a smart playlist that recognizes that tag.. and make your own Audiobook folder under Playlists.

    As for taking files off the iPod, just delete them from your library and re-sync the iPod. I’ve done this for years and I’ve never, ever had a problem.

    If iTunes isn’t intuitive for you, consider buying AnaPod Explorer, which is a 3rd party software that allows you to add and remove files in Windows Explorer.

    No offense, but all of these problem are much, much easier to solve than getting a 1418 error.

    I have a 3rd generation ipod that iTunes reported as corrupted. I did a software restore through iTunes but it did not work. iTunes kept telling me that the ipod was corrupted. I quit iTunes and used Disk Utility (Mac OS 10.4.10 on a G4 tower) to reformat the ipod. This still did not work. I then deleted a podcast that was not working (as someone else here did) and the last ipod restore worked fine.

    I just found a solution for my problem. (Extreme tl;dr, for the solution, skip to the end.)

    My situation: I have a 2nd Gen. silver Ipod Nano, I’m operating on an Imac G4 OS 10.3.9, with iTunes 7. When I tried to update my playlists via itunes, it was saying that ‘Miranda’ (ipods name, don’t ask) could not be updated because the required file was in use, or something similar. The same when I tried to eject it. I tried to blank it using the disk utility, but I got this error: “Repairing disk failed with error Could not unmount disk (-10000)”

    So I googled, found this page and a few more like it, all solving everyones problems, but mine. So I decided to fiddlefart around for a bit (sorry for the tl;dr)

    Anyways, the first problem I tackled at this stage was updating it, because I’d just found a song I’d accidentally deleted, and wanted it back on Miranda. It wouldn’t update my playlists, then it occurred to me.

    Stop playing music from the playlist you’re trying to update.

    I wanted to kick myself. I hit stop right in the middle of a good Nightwish song, and voila, the update worked. The other problem was that I couldn’t eject it. So, I went through, closing all the other programs in case for some reason Photoshop had decided to start listening to my within temptation collection, and unsurprisingly, it didn’t work. The only program left open was itunes, so I closed it, thinking I might be able to eject it manually from the desktop.
    Lo and behold, it ejected Miranda all on its own.

    To recap - 2GB iPod Nano, iMac G4 OS10.3.9, itunes 7

    1. Ipod wouldn’t eject, claiming files could not be found.
    2. Ipod wouldn’t update, claiming files were in use.

    1. Close iTunes completely, iPod should eject on its own, or you might be able to eject it manually. (I think the reason it won’t eject is because itunes is using it, which is a major programming flaw.)
    2. Don’t play any music while you are trying to update your playlists, as thats whats causing the file in use to appear.

    Take note that I don’t cover photos here, guys. There’s a shitload of solutions for photos all over the place, so just keep looking if thats your problem. Hope this helps someone :)

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