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Review: Beta Yahoo Mail

Posted by Ely on April 9th, 2006

So I’ve had the new beta Yahoo mail for a little over a week now. Similar to what I think of the Yahoo Music Engine, the idea is good, but the execution is not quite what I’d expect from one of the top internet firms.

The UI is quite intuitive to anyone who is used to Microsoft Outlook. It did take a bit of time to tell your brain to use the UI like a real desktop application. I think we’ve all gotten used to the poor user interaction that web browsers provide. Does the new UI make me more efficient? I think so. With a lot of keyboard short cuts (i.e. using arrow keys and shift keys), the UI really speeds up a lot of the processes by reducing mouse use.

The application definitely does feel like it’s in the beta stage. I get a lot of JS errors and sometimes it just crashes the page. Yahoo Music Engine also had similar faults during its beta phase, but these problems didn’t really go away when the application became “un-beta”. I have a good amount of stock in Yahoo, so I hope when the new Yahoo Mail launches Yahoo would’ve throughly tweaked it to be fast and robust…

P.S. all the AJAX and Flash stuff is really making my G4 iBook feel slow :( Time for some core duo action? ;)

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